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   How much does a Cemetery of the Innocent display cost?  Can we afford a  Cemetery of the Innocent display?  Both valid questions from a financial angle yet both irrelevant from a value of life angle.  A dead fetus has no value, only lifelong costs, mentally and emotionally.  3,600 times each day every day in the U.S.A. abortion is destroying life, creating worthless fetuses.  Is this not INSANE?  Knowing what we now know, the questions should be “Why does America tolerate abortion at all?” And “How can we put an end to this horrible practice?”

   The actual cost of a Cemetery of the Innocent display has several variables.  The cost of the crosses depends upon the size of the cross selected and the quantity of crosses needed to fill your display area.  Your display area could be as small as the front lawn of your church, or as large as the farm that the display site donor has available.  Typically, the larger the display, the more impressionable the display.

    Cross size is an individual preference.  We have several sizes available.  If the selection is not satisfactory, custom crosses can be manufactured to your exact specifications.


Standard sizes:

2" cross


 1 3/4" cross

Overall size:

  Total Width Total Length   Total Width Total Length
Large   22" 39"   19 3/4" 35 3/4 "
Medium   20" 36"   16 3/4" 31 1/4"
Small   18" 33"   13 3/4" 26 3/4"
> Crosses designed to be driven 7" in to ground.
> Cross thickness 3/4".

The above photograph shows an example of how a display package could be arranged and depending upon the available space, more or less crosses can be used.


Standard  Packages:


Cross Quantity

  Abortion Significance


  Total kill each hour of every day


  10% of total kill one day


  Total kill one day


  Total kill one year

>All size displays are very effective.


Cross Quantity

  Approx. Area Needed Using 4' x 4' Spacing
150   15 Rows 10 Deep 2,400 sq. ft.
360   36 Rows 10 Deep  5,760 sq. ft.
3,597   360 Rows 10 Deep  57,600 sq. ft.
1,312,990   21,008,000 sq. ft. 482 Acres

> Well maintained displays in straight orderly rows command the most attention.


Each display needs at least one large educational board
(Approx. 4' x 8 ') to deliver the significance of the display..


> Contact Stakestore, you can make a difference!

*Abortion figures are based upon NRLC estimates.

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