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 Stakestore has the mission of providing you, the course professional inside or outside of the pro shop, a convenient source for wooden marker stakes.  We are aware that painted marker stakes can sometimes be hard to come by.  We are here to change that!

 Most golf courses have hazard areas or ground under repair areas somewhere, at some point, during the golfing season.  Some times these areas are forgotten.  These areas fail to get marked off properly by stakes or by spray paint.  As you know, spray painting is not only time consuming and expensive, it needs to be re-applied after every mowing.  Stakes must be cut to width, then cut to length, then painted, then you must wait for the paint to dry!  We are here to sell you convenience. 

 If you already have a convenient inexpensive source for wooden marker stakes, stakestore may not be for you.  However, if you do not have a good source, we are here to help.  How much is your time worth? A lot! Time has value.  Convenience saves time.  Stakestore can save you a lot of time.

 Stakestore is offering a convenient inexpensive opportunity to simplify your life and save you time.  We are offering packages of stakes, either pre-painted or not.  And since we are a custom shop most sizes and colors are available.

     Red        lateral hazard
     Yellow    water hazard
     White     out of bounds
     Blue       environmental area

 Let us know what is ideal for you, and we can customize to your exact specifications if desired.  Standard size stakes are available and we would highly recommend that every course keep a minimal inventory on hand at all times. 

 Don’t get caught by the next tournament or membership outing with less than well marked hazards.  Don’t be in a situation where a preventable ruling might determine a winner.  You should mark your course with Stakestore stakes.  Your course deserves the finishing touches that our stakes provide.


out of bounds stake marker prepainted
painted hazard lateral wood
wooden hardwood convenient environmental area

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