Financial Sponsors

    It is true, we will never have too much support!  Money plays a critical role in any Cemetery of the Innocent display.  It is needed to purchase all of the necessary materials required to erect an attention grabbing cross display.  The good news is, that the expenses pretty much end there!  The actual planting of the crosses and any maintenance of the site is mostly volunteer work.  And volunteer work is mostly free!    

   God has blessed each of us in many ways.  He not only has given us the gift of life, he has given that same gift to every one who is a part of our lives.  One day God will take our lives back.  He will judge us on how we used our time, talents, and financial treasures.  Some have been blessed more than others in certain areas.  Please be generous with your time if that is the area of blessing.  Please be generous with your talents where they apply.  But mostly, please be generous with your financial treasures.  We have all heard that “you can’t take it with you”, and what better way to share your treasure than to help insure that the aborted fetuses of today will one day be “a nightmare of the past”.  How wonderful it will be when every life is respected and every life is accepted as a wonderful gift from God.

   How can you help?  Contact Stakestore for donation options.  Every dollar can truly make a difference.  And this is truly a matter of life and death.


    Site Sponsors

   Not only are we looking for financial sponsors, we are looking for prime properties to erect the Cemetery of the Innocent cross displays.  As with any project or business, the more the exposure, the more the opportunity for success.  Every community has sites and locations of high visibility that would make excellent display areas.  To get the most “bang for the buck”, these locations should be pursued.

   After the necessary permission is received from the landowner as well as the necessary permits from city, county, or state governments (if required), please submit the site to Stakestore.  We will catalogue its size and location and hopefully find a financial sponsor to help with the cost of the display.  Financial sponsors should have options as to where their donation dollars are spent.  Thus, the better your site, the better the exposure, the better your chances of being sponsored.

Please keep in mind that any site is better than no site!

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