Have you ever needed a way to raise funds quickly?  Consider this, a product that people will eagerly support with most everyone desirous of participation.  Wouldn’t that be easier than the traditional fundraiser where family and friends are targeted relent1essly?  Small clubs or large groups could raise needed funds quickly and easily.  Ask for support and you will get it!  Yet the best reason for considering this fundraiser is “the cause”.  THE BABIES MUST BE SAVED!!!

          The Pro-Life cross displays

   Pre-painted white crosses ready for display.  It’s quick.  It’s easy.  It’s about setting a goal and doing it!  Because "the cause" is right, the participation will be available for the asking.  Volunteers, wanting to help for every reason.  Contributors, understanding the significance of the cause, will be most generous to the cause.  Why? Because everyone cares!  This project can and will build fellowship.

   Will you consider a package of 3,600 crosses?  It takes little over an acre to display. (57,600 sq. ft.) Maybe a smaller package of 360 crosses, which requires little more than a front lawn to display, would fit your needs better.  On 4’ X 4’ spacing, this is all of the room required

   Many options are available to you.  Did you know that with the right type of marking pen, a paint marker, that the crosses can be individualized with a message or a name?      The crosses can be used and re-used many times or they can be returned to the donor/sponsor for their use.   How powerful of a message could be sent if Pro-Lifers organized to display individual white crosses on their home properties.  What if displaying the white cross became as customary as flying the American flag? Would that not bring the ultimate awareness to the abortion issue?  We can use the power of symbolism to save lives.  Please consider participation.

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